BioNano fingerprint algorithm update notice

News // Press2010-06-21

Important notice for product update: 

Anviz is proud to release BioNano V10 fingerprint algorithm of high efficiency and AFOS fingerprint reader.

Anviz have been devoted to the research and promotion of industrialization of fingerprint algorithm. Anviz fingerprint technology has been utilized in all industries. With the increase of use of fingerprint products, users have higher requirement for accuracy, efficiency and identification speed. Anviz has made great improvements in fingerprint characteristics extraction, fingerprint image classification, index, compression, pre-treatment, match algorithm etc. This algorithm has been completely tested in large-scale database and all kinds of fingerprint application products. FRR, FAR and ERR has been improved a lot. Dry, wet and cracked fingers are well accepted with almost no maintenance. Wide angle identification is supported. Unique function of healing the broken fingerprint lines and intelligent fingerprint template update can  maintain high quality fingerprint data and reduce identification time. New algorithm has improved the rate of successful identification. Meanwhile,  BioNano V10 has optimized method of data storage. New templates are fully compatible with ones of previous version algorithm, which avoids redundant enrollment.

AFOS300 fingerprint sensor is new generation fully sealed, waterproof and dustproof fingerprint sensor, which utilizes CMOS optical sensor from USA OmniVision. This chip has huge advantage in integration and consistency. AFOS300 fingerprint sensor increases 20% of valid reading area, which greatly improves the ease of use and rate of successful identification.

From June 2010, Anviz will gradually update all existing products with BioNano V10 fingerprint algorithm and AFOS fingerprint sensor. Please stay tuned.
Thank you for your continuous support for Anviz products!