From basic T&A controllers to multimedia fingerprint terminals, ANVIZ offers solutions for all

News // Success Stories2013-06-05

 The Telemax - Telecommunications and Electronics Ltd is available since March 1990 and is active in the areas of mobile radio, broadcasting, security and control and fleet management. Telemax has its own facilities in Porto and Lisbon, using local distributors to ensure coverage across the country in order to bring the benefits of proximity to all its customers.

    In March 2009 we are making our debut with ANVIZ products, as on the past we only distributed solutions from Korean or European manufacturers and nowadays I can say that the cooperation with ANVIZ has been one of my best strategic decisions in Telemax. 

    ANVIZ showed that are a reliable company, with excellent support and a dedicated staff. I wish to tell that Mrs. Cherry Fu is the best sales partner I ever worked with. She is an excellent employee for ANVIZ, she is a true example of dedication to a company. Always working, always giving support, always with a solution. Absolutely outstanding. I believe staff is the strongest point of ANVIZ.

    All the time we need some help from ANVIZ, all engineers give us an excellent and effective support. They don’t just say they will help, they really help and solve problems! Excellent again!

    ANVIZ has a very large variety of solutions. From basic T&A controllers to multimedia fingerprint terminals, ANVIZ offers solutions for all. ANVIZ products have excellent design, very good fingerprint sensor and quite nice fingerprint algorithm. Good materials, quite strong and very nice wide of installation accessories. 

    When we first started working with ANVIZ in Portugal we had a huge challenge facing us. Our traditional clients were used to buy products from one single supplier and TELEMAX is seen as a company that only works with one brand and knows everything about it. So we needed to explain why we decided to change, why ANVIZ was our bet and why they also should start buying ANVIZ. It takes time and efforts but we made it. One year after we only sell biometrics from ANVIZ and all our clients go for ANVIZ solutions. Nowadays we have a strategic group of resellers buying ANVIZ. That way we are offering some of them protection and we are sure we can fight competition because ANVIZ offers us the protection and competitive price.

    On other hand we always make promotion on brand and ANVIZ has the same vision. I want ANVIZ is not only well known but also positively associated with quality, solution and real time assistance. That makes a huge difference on medium and long term and our goal is to make all partners, competitors and institutions in our market to recognize the name immediately. We will definitely further our cooperation with ANVIZ this year and make bigger achievements together with ANVIZ!