ANVIZ is ready to support its strategic partners

News // Success Stories2013-06-05

Our company originally started in 1979 in California, USA. In 1989 we expanded into the newly democratic Eastern European market and spread into 16 countries. Realizing the growing influence of the US Baby Boomers (those people born between 1945-1963) in the Central American countries, we made a strategic decision to visit all of these countries and selected Nicaragua to build our headquarters here. International Systems Integration is the largest electronic security distributor in Nicaragua. We have 4 separate companies.

We met ANVIZ company in 2008 in a Hong Kong Electronic show and started working with them right away. There is a need of High Tech Access Control in these countries and ANVIZ is ready to support its strategic partners with sales advice, seminars, brochures, and dealer support when it is needed.

 We did not sell any Access Control Systems prior to meeting with Anviz. Since then we had a great success introducing biometrics in Nicaragua. 

All the large, multi-location companies need this kind of system for both Access Control and Time Attendance. When one system can serve both purposes the companies can save on hardware and also on their human resources, with just one swipe of the finger the employees can gain access to the premises and they are logged-in for work.