What is AGPP?

AGPP is Anviz Global Partner Program. It is designed for industry-leading distributors, resellers, software developers and system integrators highly qualified in providing intelligent security solutions of Biometric, RFID and HD IP surveillance in targeted vertical markets. The program helps partners build a sustainable business model in a fast-changing environment, where customers require value-added services, focused technical expertise and high levels of satisfaction.

  • AAD

    Anviz Authorized Distributor

    are larger sales and service organizations covering a broad geographic region...

  • AAR

    Anviz Authorized Reseller

    are most often resellers that sell and possibly service local clients with respect...

  • AASP

    Anviz Authorized Solution Provider

    can also be an AASI partner but may embed, bundle, or integrate one or more Anviz...

  • AASI

    Anviz Authorized System Integrator

    is for organizations that embed, bundle, or integrate one or more Anviz applications...

  • AASC

    Anviz Authorized Service Center

    offers outstanding technical support and repair services. We offer free training to technicians...

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