Time Attendance and Access Control Management System

CrossChex is an intelligent management system of access control and time attendance devices, which is applicable to all Anviz access controls and time attendances. The user-friendly and interactive design makes this system very easy to operate, the powerful function makes this system realize the management of department, staff, shift, payroll, access authority, and exports different time attendance and access control reports, satisfying different time attendance and access control requirements in different complicated environments.

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● Manages departments and employees
● Manages devices and access restrictions
● Manages schedules, shifts and reports
● Rules out unauthorized overtime
●Imports/exports data in various file formats, such as CSV, XLS/XLSX, PDF, etc.
●Exports attendance reports to 3rd party accounting/payroll software
● Sends reports via email
●Connect to SQL database or Access database for easy installation and maintenance

*Support all Anviz Biometric/RFID access control and time&attendance devices


Featuring a user-friendly GUI, AIM CrossChex provides feature-rich time and attendance management experience, meeting all needs of employee attendance tracking and access restriction of small and medium-sized businesses that house employees in a centralized workplace.

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System Configuration


It can fill the needs of all kinds of enterprises, without limitation of cross-regional business. Convenient deployment, centralized management attendance, wide-ranging statistics report and a third-party system integration. All staff can easily apply for a leave and check their attendance.

Compatible with a variety of web browsers: IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari,

System Configuration

is applicable to all Anviz access controls

and time attendances.