Anviz Introduces New Product C2 & C3

News // Press2011-11-25

Anviz announces New professional time attendance C2 and C3 are available now!

The C2 and C3 are genuine breakthrough by Anviz in biometric identification terminals, which fully integrate fingerprint identification, RFID, multimedia and embedded system. The C2 and C3 utilize High Definition TFT LCD, ARM system platform to ensure terminals performance stable. Support TCP/IP networking, USB plug &play and USB flash driver up and download etc. multiple communication mode.

The new C2 and C3 are popular and professional time addendance, their stability and functionality will give you a fresh feeling.

Wide temperature   Watchdog
Wide temperature range design will ensure terminal suitable for different complex environment.   Watchdog timer is a hardware that triggers a system reset or corrective action to ensure the system anti-crash.
3'' widescreen High Definition TFT display  
12-digit user ID and user name display
Single relay output can control lock directly compose a simple standalone access controller.   Up to 12-digit user ID can be used to compatibility with HR software or ERP.

Auto daylight saving
  Employee self-service record inquiry
Automatically switch daylight saving time base on week or date.   Employee can more quickly know their own attendance records directly.
Web Server   Fingerprint image display
Visit terminal directly via the network. Setup and search the record from the device.   Great fingerprint placement guide to make verification easy.
Display any language    Work code feature for different roles employees

Support Global Language! 
  Up to 6-digit word code can be used to calculate different job cost (1 person might have different jobs with different salary, example, 123 for R&D, 124 for technical support Etc) by other payroll software.
For more technical information, please visit C2 or C3 product page or just contact our sales and technical experts here.
Please stay tuned on for more new product releases.
For more technical information, please visit C2 or C3 product page or just contact our sales and technical experts here.Please stay tuned on for more new product releases.