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How to connect the device vía wan with the computer ?


     Here is the thing, we would like to know whether it is possible to connect the device

to the computer vía wan in order to get reports outside the LAN.

We have a DNS assigned to the router of the LAN where the control attendance is, and we forwarded the port,

but we could not have access to it yet. I tried to get connected to the EP300 tonight but i failed.

However, let me explain what I want. I have this EP series connected to a LAN and we can download

reports from this device to any PC on the LAN. I would like to know if it is possible to download the reports

from any PC outside the LAN via WAN. I forwarded the port 5010 to the EPseries, but i dont know if the EPseries have this capability.

I said Thanks, everythings works well, we have the EP300 working vía wan perfectly.


It can download the reports from any PC outside the LAN, like WAN. The following picture is a solution for the remote

communication, please refer to it .