How to connect to TCP/IP with TC550?

How to set up TCP/TP with TC550

1> Set the device to communication mode as Server.

   Menu -> Setup -> System -> Net -> Mode -> Server

   You could set device IP, subnet mask, gateway in the device menu, choose 5010 port.

2> Run the management software.

Enter into the installation folder, run and there would pop up the following window. Click “add unit”.

Input the device ID , choose LAN as  communication mode,

and input TC550 IP. Here we take for instance.


Network Connection Check:

To set up network connection, please get T&A device, network cable, and power cable ready.

Connect device to your PC and change its IP address as you need. Please make sure it’s not occupied! And set

subnet mask and default gateway as you set in your PC. You don’t need to change MAC, it’s a static value.

Then connect device to your router, and use PING command to test the connection. Like:

If the connection is ok, you would get PING response as above. If there is no response ,you’ll see:

In this case , it shows that network connection failed! Please check as the following steps:

Restart device ,and see if it works. We have to restart device in order to renew its IP.

1.Check whether network cable has been plug in tightly (to the device and to the router), and try to change

 network cable, to make sure it still works.

2.PING another IP address already used in your network, and make sure the router you use doesn’t prohibit PING

command. Check the present IP assigned in the device to see whether it’s already been taken.

3.If all the above settings are checked to be OK and the device still can’t connect to network, please

connect device directly to your PC using a cross cable. Then please try PING instruction again.

Once the device network module is OK, you could get PING response. For your information,

Cross cable is different from network cable. Cross cable is used to connect PC to PC, and network

cable is used to connect PC to router. If you can’t get a response, there might be something wrong

with the network module. If you meet with any problem during the ajusting period, please feel free to contact Anviz technical support team for help.