Interim signal module introduction SC011/DAC844

As you know,the DAC844 is in fact one signal interim collector to execute the signal second- comparison.

The above image shows signal flow. The difference of these two parts is the wiegand mode. The sc011 use the ANVIZ wiegand, output is the device serial number, no matter fingerprint or card.The DAC844 use the Wiegand 26, output is wiegand number+card number by card; output is user number+device serial number by fingerprint.

After through the first comparing in the device terminal, the signal would be going to the second signal comparing. Comparing is to put one to compare with the other which needs the standard value first. That's called the authentication. For the SC011 authentication,one executing would be enough to have no register later. For the DAC844 authentication,we need to authenticate every new user in the DAC844.Specially, it is necessary to upload the fingerprint information into the device terminal after you execute the fingerprint DAC844 authentication. You could find that the Wiegand 26 fingerprint and card output is different. The upload from the AIM DAC software to device terminal is to get the same output no matter the regisration is by fingerprint or card.


The above instruction can give you basic understanding of the signal interim collectors - DAC844.The device number you mentioned is not in the AIM DAC software. If you need to upload the information to the device terminal, to know the its ip address is sufficient. That's all.