How to upload the data from device a to device b

The data can only be uploaded to the authorized machine, and in that case you should check if the machine is authorized before uploading.

For example: There is machine 3(A) and machine 4(B).

We can find that there is only “3” in the column “Unit”. So only the machine 3(A) is authorized.If you want to upload the data to the machine 4(B) , you must add the “4” to the column “Unit”.

1. Select all the staffers by pressing the key “Ctrl+A” on the PC’s keypad.

2. Click the button “Set privilege” on the software window, and the “Set privilege” window pops up:

3. Select both “3(A)” and “4(B)”, and click the button “OK” .

4. Now you can find the “3,4” in the column “Unit”. It means that both machine 3(A) and machine 4(B) are authorized machine. You can click the button “Upload Staffers &FP” to upload the data from the software to machine 3(A) and machine 4(B).