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Anviz Shanghai Upgrades Operations Facilities


Due to increased demand for Anviz products, the company is requiring a larger work area for its strategic operations staff. Improving the logistical capabilities of the office is driving the upgrade in real-estate. The company has relocated to a new office complex still within Shanghai. The new facility is roughly 3000 square meters, a significant increase from the previous office.


(Marketing Business center in Anviz Shanghai)



The centerpiece of the new facility is a 700 square meter research and development facility which is helping advance innovation in biometrics, as well as other fields, such as surveillance and RFID technologies. Nearly tripling the real-estate has allowed for a range of new additions. One such new addition is the “customer experience center”. In this space, employees can physically demonstrate many of Anviz’s current and future products. This allows visiting clients an opportunity to experience Anviz products first-hand. The 108 square meter show room is furnished to replicate numerous different environments in which biometrics, surveillance, and RFID technologies are all employed. Simulated airport terminal, Bank ATM machine, retail outlets and home, hotel, office situations… provide our partners with the opportunity experience the devices in more real-life scenarios, and showcases the integrated end-to-end intelligent security solutions that Anviz can provide.


(the R&D office in Anviz Shanghai)


Another notable difference is the “technical support” and “advanced training rooms”. In these rooms members of the Anviz product management team are able to offer technical advice for clients. Moreover, company product management members host webinars for clients who are unable to travel to the facility in Shanghai.


(a training room in Anviz Shanghai)



Anviz welcomes all of our current and perspective partners to visit the Shanghai office. We encourage everyone to tour the new facility and try-out the latest innovations Anviz has to offer.


(the waiting room in Anviz Shanghai)