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Anviz Biometric Access Control Secured the Largest Frozen Food Supplier in Argentina


Every physical security threat, big or small, impacts your business, from financial losses to damaged reputation, to your employees feeling insecure at the office. Even for small modern businesses, having the right physical security measures in place can make all the difference in keeping your workplace, and your assets, safe.

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simplot logo Simplot is a multi-billion dollar and dynamic global agribusiness leader with operations on five continents. It has 10,000 employees and built 7 large potato factories all around the world. Simplot has acquired Cool Mind S.A, a benchmark company of cold storage business located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The consolidation of the two leading companies made Simplot Argentina S.A. become a key supplier of quick-service restaurant (QSR) chains and retail outlets in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Chile.

As the business grew in size, so did the need for security of factories and offices. Simplot Argentina S.A. needed an integrating biometrics access management solution to address the physical security concerns for several entrances to critical sectors.

Firstly, the product should be designed for outdoor environments, easy to install, and powered by a network cable (POE). Secondly, the solution should include employees' time attendance management. If it is possible, a free time attendance management software attached is better.

Integrar Seguridad, a partner of Anviz, recommended the C2 Slim biometric access control based on these requirements.

Anviz C2 Slim is the most compact access control device, utilizing a combination of fingerprints and RFID cards to achieve higher security requirements. It has multiple connecting options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, POE, and TCP/IP. Further, Anviz C2 Series all features the latest BioNANO algorithm to ensure fast fingerprint recognition in less than 0.5 seconds. With a capacity of 3,000 fingerprints, it is ideal for small and medium enterprises.

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The data richness of CrossChex Standard meets all needs of Simplot's existing HR management systems. Therefore, the friendly data interface of CrossChex integrated with other systems made it widely popular.

"Anviz smart security solution will play an important role at Simplot," said Alejandro Buceta, CEO of Integrated Security. "It provides reliable authentication with each person's unique fingerprint feature, which can effectively prevent suspicious people from entering important office areas.

Also, the smart security solution will significantly reduce the time that people spent in and out of the factory. It will be a big step in improving employee management in Simplot".

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Small and Easy to Install

The C2 Slim has a modern design, is compact, and is very easy to install. "This access control exceeded my expectations, it saved us a lot of time on the installation", says the factory manager of Simplot Argentina S.A.

Outdoor Professional Waterproof

C2 Slim uses a new generation of sensors with airtight, waterproof, and dustproof. No matter what kind of weather conditions will not affect, saving maintenance costs for companies.

Enhanced Physical Security & Convenience for Employees

High accuracy and faster performance of the algorithm of C2 Slim increase work efficiency and user satisfaction. Also, the centralized access control system improves office security.

Fulfillment of Management Requirement

CrossChex makes it easy to monitor employee timesheets, record working hours, and record time clock data. It can also support different types of work schedules. Therefore, managers could have personalized attendance reports and calendar views at a glance.