• Quality Control

    Anviz production quality decides Anviz future. Anviz commits to control the product quality from numerous aspects, including; staff, equipment, raw material, and processing. This allows us to supply the highest quality products which satisfy the requirements of our global customers.

  • Staff

    We emphasizes education for the staff in order to understand what “quality” means and how to achieve it. We also keep detailed records of product quality information during production. Finally, the staff maintains strict control over instances which lead to human error.

  • Equipment

    Anviz applies first-class manufacturing machines, including SMT. Routine inspection of production equipment ensures better quality during production. Maintenance is also a key step in ensuring the highest quality products.

  • Raw Material

    The company never accepts materials that do not conform to the requirements established by Anviz. These materials are heavily scrutinized and must conform to the requirements of the company.

  • Process

    During production, employees never start the next process if the last has not been completely finished.

  • Environment

    Implementation of 5S strategy in the production area helps to create a high-quality production environment. It improves work efficiency and reduces quality problems.