CrossChex Standard

Featuring a user-friendly GUI, AIM CrossChex provides feature-rich time and attendance management experience, meeting all needs of employee attendance tracking and access restriction of small and medium-sized businesses that house employees in a centralized workplace.

Name Version Update Time Download
  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.16.exe V4.3.16 11/17/2020 70.2 MB
  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.15.exe V4.3.15 10/15/2020 70.2 MB
  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.14.exe V4.3.14 07/24/2020 70.2 MB
  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.12.exe V4.3.12 09/22/2019 70.2 MB
  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.11.exe V4.3.11 08/29/2019 70.2 MB
  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.10.exe V4.3.10 07/18/2019 70.2 MB
  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.9.exe V4.3.9 06/03/2019 70.2 MB
  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.8.exe V4.3.8 01/11/2019 70.0 MB
  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.7.exe V4.3.7 11/12/2018 69.8 MB
  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.6.exe V4.3.6 08/16/2018 69.8 MB
  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.5.exe V4.3.5 08/12/2018 69.8 MB
  • CrossChex_Standard_4.3.4.exe V4.3.4 10/25/2017 68.8 MB
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