ST-T5X-M firmware update list

Remark: ST-T5X-M firmware is used for new ST platform of T5/T5S/T5Pro/M5.

V05.08 Update  15/06/30
  1) Restart network module after modify network para
  2) Network client side add 0X7F protocol
V05.07 Update  15/06/09
  1) T5A/55B support 2000 user
V05.06 Update  15/06/09
  1) Add T5C
V05.05 Update  15/03/30
  1) Change polarity of M5 touch test
  2) M5 LED control change
V05.03 Update  15/02/25
  1)User information remain after initialize
V05.02 Update  15/01/27
  1)Add 0x34/0x35 protocol

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