ST-M firmware update list

    Remark:  ST-M firmware is used for new ST platform of VF30/TC550/OC500/EP300/A300/OC180/D100/D200.
                    We can distinguish the platform by firmware, firmware of old M3 platform is under 3.XX.

    V05.21 Update  15/07/08
                1) Adjust way to get door sensor info
                2) Switch fingerprint touch polarity
    V05.20 Update  15/07/01
                1) LCD Display error when admin verify failed
    V05.19 Update  15/06/29
                1) Network module restart after modify network parameters
    V05.18 Update  15/06/26
                1) Network client side handle 0X7F protocol
    V05.17 Update  15/06/25
               1) Wiegand input order adjust
    V05.16 Update  15/02/02
               1) Compatible with VX30-5.1 board
    V05.15 Update  15/01/20
               1) Compatible with BM-5.1 board
    V05.11 Update  14/11/06
              1) Optimize GC0308 fingerprint sensor
              2) Default volume set to 3
    V05.10 Update  14/10/24
              1) Compatible with GC0308 fingerprint sensor
    V05.09 Update  14/10/16
              1) Network parameter setting mode error