New Firmware Released for FaceDeep 3 & FaceDeep 3 IRT & FaceDeep 3 QR


Created by: Johnny Ding
Modified on: Fri, Dec 10th, 2021 at 14:40


Recently, we released the latest firmware in order to experience better performance on our FaceDeep 3 & FaceDeep 3 IRT & FaceDeep 3 QR device. Hereby, our team creates this faq in order to help customers understand how to update the firmware correctly on FaceDeep 3 & FaceDeep 3 IRT & FaceDeep 3 QR 

About new firmware :

  • Bug causing device randomly freezing and time reset to year 1999 is fixed

  • Better performance of facial verification

Download firmware from:

Detail update steps:


After upgrading the firmware please restart device and check the Firmware Ver. from webserver is 03.74.B1 to ensure the upgrade process is successful. If not please check the operating steps and upgrade the firmware again.

Please mail to if you have any questions!                                                             

Anviz Technical Support Team