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Anviz Distributor Partner

Who can apply our distributor partner?

  • 1. More than three years distribution experiences in IT or security industry
  • 2. Has an import license
  • 3. A website with a continued growth visit flow
  • 4. A fixed more than 3 square meters show space
  • 5. A fixed more than 5 square meters storage space to raise Anviz stock
  • 6. Can assign a product expert for Anviz products

What a distributor can enjoy

  • 1. An Anviz authorized letter
  • 2. Quarterly rebate with a certain amount
  • 3. Quarterly marketing development fund
  • 4. Annual free demo units
  • 5. Order Credit
  • 6. Advanced training program
  • 7. One to one account manager from Anviz
  • 8. Annual award upon performance evaluation

Partner with Anviz today

  • 1. Simply complete the form to apply for Anviz partner or you can email us at
  • 2. You will receive a pre-sales demo invitation from our account manager.
  • 3. An evaluation package will be recommended after the pre-sales demo.
  • 4. Sign the distribution agreement with us.
  • 5. Start the tour with Anviz and enjoy our oustanding services.
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  • Upload Only upload the JPG files that less than 5MB.
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