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Anviz Service Provider

Who can be Anviz Authorized Service Provider?

  • 1. More than 1 year installation experiences in IT, security products
  • 2. With an installation team more than 3 engineers
  • 3. Self-prepared vehicle can quickly reach customer site
  • 4. A fixed office address or home office address registered on Anviz website

What a service provider can enjoy

  • 1. An Anviz authorized letter
  • 2. Considerable hardware discounts
  • 3. A start package (demo-kit, T-shirt, installation tool kit, promotion materials)
  • 4. Free leads
  • 5. Put on Anviz website for end user’s direct searching
  • 6. Standard training program
  • 7. 5/24 sustainable service
  • 8. Annual award upon performance evaluation

Partner with Anviz today

  • 1. Simply complete the form to apply for Anviz partner or you can email us at
  • 2. You will receive a notification email from our sales specialist.
  • 3. Approval process may take up 2-3 business days and an e-authorized letter will be sent to you.
  • 4.  Login with your account to enjoy the technical trainings and all marketing materials.
  • 5. Your name will be listed on anviz website for end user searching. 
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