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Professional Fingerprint Access Control and Time Attendance System(T60)

Installation Site : Appia Residencias (Mexico city, Mexico)

Brief introduction: Appia Residencias is a construction company for residential housings, which gives the customer a space for family and the satisfaction for quality. Our commitment is to keep each project on the high quality level from beginning to the end.



Hardware: Anviz professional access control and time attendance T60




Compact design, Multinational language

Fingerprint/RFID/Password, Direct lock control

Timezone access control,  Mini USB, RS485, TCP/IP, Wiegand input/output


Software: Time Attendance and access control software


Project Requirement >>

1) Due to the increased demand for higher security level, the client needed a more secure and effective system for access control

2) One combined system to be used for multiple purposes such as access control and time attendance

3) One simple and cost effective product

4) Differnet time zone for access control (Managers can access all time while employees can access during their working hours only.)

5) Various reports

6) Spanish display for easy operation


Solutions >>

Anviz has provided a system including Anviz professional access control T60 and management software


1) With Anviz fingerprint identification technology and combination with password and RFID card, highest security level is acheived.

2) It has the time zone function to cater for users of different access levels

3) Providing management time attendance software, it is able to create multi-purpose reports based on attendance information.

4) Spanish display and voice prompt along with all operation


Appia Residencias in Mexico city, Mexico was looking for a combined solution for access control and time attendance. They needed a secure way of access control with flexible time attendance function. They wanted to find a simple and secure solution instead of traditional password or card. They also needed advanced access control with time zone feature. After searching for an answer, they came across T60 fingerprint access control and time attendance system. They realized this system could keep them secure utilizing fingerprint technology. Besides, with time zone feature, managers and employees could have different permission to open door. With help of the Spanish menu and voice prompt, HR manager felt very easy to enroll all fingerprints and all people started to use the system very fast without any difficulty. And he could get montly report easily in software after he downloaded records to his PC via TCP/IP connection. All users felt very comfortable of the system especially when they saw their names displayed and heard voice prompt of "access granted" when they get verified. All employees of Appia Residenciaa have been very pleased with the efficiency and reliability of Anviz's solution and expect to use it in other offices all over Mexico.