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How to change Admin restrict

                          Software Admin Instruction

At frst we suggest to add some departments in the software to “HR management“, then get to the SYSTEM—ADMIN, and you may find following iamge :


   From this menu , you may set new admin for every department , and any right to manage the software ,  and the default as 888888.


2 Get to C:ATT folder , find the " MGCheck.dat" file, open it with notepad , and you may find the "LoginType=1" words, now, you need to modify it as " LoginType=0" , then save and exit this config files.

  If there is no such words , you may add it on the files .

3  Then try to login in the MGCWork.exe software again , with your department admin and password, and the privilige of the new admin is what you have set.


4 Then exit the software , and login again, with ID :admin111 , pw 888888. You may find the SYSTEM—Parameter setting, is all gray , can’t be set again , only with login the headoffice amdin, can you change the setting.

   The right which you not select for the admin is all gray.


Also, the primary(admin) , which we may consider as the highest admin of the software, has the right to manage all the department and all the setting. When you append new admin, it needs to set in the privilidge of the admin as followed, select the department and the privilige.

Attached are some screenshots within the software environment. Thank you for reading.