T5X series Firmware T5X_M_1.43 Upgrade

Subject:                    T5X series New Version Firmware 
Firmware version:     T5X_M_1.43
Update Description:  Add the admin authentication when T5/T5pro execute usb communication method
1. The correspondent device needing the upgrade include T5Pro, T5, T5S, T50, T50M.
2.Only T5Pro and T5 devices could add the USB communication authentication.
3. There would appear "traffic light" flashing when using usb to provide power supply.The total blinking process would be continuing 20S,any registration or signal comparing would not be permitted in this period.After that,the machine would return to the normal working status when the device returns to the "blue light" blinks. 
4. Delete the communication authentication: use the"Add Card" or "Delete Card"authentication to open the USB communication.After this operation,the usb communication would work normal again.(If you not add the Management Card,the usb communication would be opened by automatically.)
5.If the management card has got lost,you could use the USB communication by clearing the management card.
6.This firmware upgrade is used to solve the T5pro access control safety problem.If not this need,please don't execute the upgrade.
7.Here is the download link of the firmware T5X_M_1.43.