What is SecurityONE?

All In One Security SecurityONE is an integration solution designed for small to medium-sized enterprises, including access control, video surveillance and alarm integration. It applies to IT, manufacturing, retail, finance, government, education and health care, to name a few. SecurityONE focuses on solving all kinds of security problems within and surrounding the building, to enhance the ability to monitor and prevent crime, and ensure a safe environment for enterprise property and employees. Different from the traditional way of managing access, SecurityONE access control system can intelligently recognize entrance, exit, force open and other kinds of states. SecurityONE can link with video to extract scene images, intelligent analysis, cloud upload, to realize the data analysis of tracking path, access recording and other data analysis. SecurityONE video surveillance supports intelligent recognition, intelligent event analysis, and video upload of event screenshots to the cloud, remote surveillance by a remote client and emergency alarm linkage. The Cloud Storage can meet your needs anytime, anywhere. SecurityONE will continue to be committed to provide you with a one-stop service to open the door to the new world of security. See how the system works