• Critical Infrastructure

    Your critical infrastructure is just that, critical. At Anviz, our R&D center is working for you, to create cutting edge, innovative products and solutions to meet your needs. Our industry leading biometrics devices coupled in a integrated software alongside our IP surveillance with its powerful analytics allow for some serious industry specific applications.

    With Anviz, you know these sites are secure in terms of hardware, software and local service. Anviz certified AGPP partners have been hand picked because of their size, expertise, and excellent customer service. When you partner with Anviz, you’re partnering with the best.

A Few of the Possibilities:

  • Thermal Cameras

    Easy detection of people around the perimeter at night and during foggy, hazy conditions.

  • PTZ Automated Control

    Create preset locations and times for the camera to watch specific automated equipment movement or actions. Configurations can be made to send an alert if an automated action that is suppose to occur does not.

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