• Education

    Whether you are looking for solutions to curb cheating or provide a safer campus environment, Anviz is there to help you achieve your goals. We offer fully integrated end-to-end solutions for the education sector. Our solutions can be tailor made to suite your schools exact needs and requirements. We can provide these solutions for any school, from pre-school through university and adult education.

    When partnering with Anviz, you not only get a dedicated manufacturer who can provide you with a wide range of standardized or customized solutions, but you also get access to the Anviz network for local support and customization. Our partner integrators can make sure your Anviz system is fully integrated with your legacy system reducing the cost and time needed to get your program up and running. Contact us today and we can have a local certified integrator contact you for local support.

A Few of the Possibilities:

  • Integrated Student ID Card

    Student ID cards can be more than just a photo and a name. Anviz can help you build an E-Campus solution with the student ID being a part of the E-Campus solution. The student ID card can be used for access control to lockers, internet hotspots, specific classrooms and dormitory; payments at the bookstores, stationary shops, campus transportation and on-campus restaurants and snack machines. Other features include student attendance taking, school bus tracking and attendance, and so much more!

  • Biometrics

    Want these solutions, but afraid the younger students will lose their cards? Anviz can provide all these solutions through biometrics! Biometric choices can be fingerprint, iris, facial recognition, or any combination of the three.

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