• Financial

    The affordability of acquiring powerful technological equipment has given criminals new options for targets to attack. Many new criminal attacks target a single account rather than the teller or the bank as a whole. This can cost the bank much more money once you account for the reimbursement to the customer, forensics, and potential loss of customers for fear of the bank being vulnerable to similar attacks in the future. Anviz provides a series of solutions that can help combat this new type of criminal.

    By utilizing their expertise in intelligent security Anviz and their partners can provide the finance industry with solutions ranging from biometric integrated ATMs, ATM surveillance, Asset tracking, smart locks & safes, facial, iris, and fingerprint recognition, and so much more. The AIM solution software simplifies the process by providing integration between the various devices on one dynamic platform.

A Few of the Possibilities:

  • ATM Intelligence

    ATM Intelligence allows loss prevention managers to quickly find the video footage they are looking for. The system not only gives a transaction number, but records can be searched by time, card number, name, and amount. Also, a short video clip of the transaction will be linked to each search, thus reducing search time, and storage size.

  • E-Map

    13 buildings world-wide are taller than 100 floors, and 17 more under construction. It is apparent that mankind will continue to reach for the sky. But when many floors look indistinguishable, how can one quickly identify where an incident is taking place? The Anviz E-Map solves that problem by allowing control room personnel to view in real-time the location of each camera in relation to the building’s floor plan.

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