• Government

    Governments around the world are faced with the challenge of decreasing budgets along with an increase emphasis on security. Anviz can help you achieve both of these goals. As patent holders of our own biometric algorithms and an ever expanding R&D team, quality and innovation is at the forefront of who Anviz is.

    All Anviz products are manufactured 100% in-house. By vertically integrating our supply chain, we can control the quality of our product while keeping the costs down and passing the savings on to you.

A Few of the Possibilities:

  • Boarder Patrol

    Anviz can help revolutionize your border-patrol system. We can provide you with a solution that integrates extremely durable hardware with state of the art thermal surveillance to help you spot and catch illegal activities, such as illegal immigration and smuggling. Moreover, mobile or fixed biometric readers can determine the true identity of individuals and if recognize if they have been in trouble before.

  • E-Voting

    With rampant voter fraud and mounting pressure from the international community, many developing countries are looking to upgrade their voting process. Regardless if you want a smart voter card solution, a biometric solution, or an integration of the two, Anviz is there to help you integrate our solutions into your current infrastructure to provide a seamless transition will keep costs down.

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