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    Wouldn’t it be nice to identify incapacitated victims within seconds, and be able to pull up there medical records so you can administer life-saving medication from an ambulance without the worry of allergic reactions and dangerous drug interactions.

    An individual’s biometrics is a personal identification that everyone carries with them at all times. By partnering with Anviz, we can create localized, or cloud-based, solutions to identify individuals quickly along with their medical history, current prescriptions and serious allergies. When seconds can be the difference between life and death, Anviz is there to give you the speed and scalability to save lives.

A Few of the Possibilities:

  • Cloud Based Solutions

    In emergency situations seconds can be the difference between life and death. Anviz Cloud for hospitals allows emergency personnel access to vital information immediately upon arriving to the scene of the crisis. Because the information updates instantaneously, from all hospitals and clinics, the full medical record is available without risk missing records.

  • Asset Tracking

    Allowing hospitals an active vehicle and asset tracking system allows for more efficient and timely response times. Hospital vehicles and ambulances can be fitted with either mobile or fixed biometric readers, allowing the emergency response team to pull the patient’s information from their cloud solution.

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