• Transportation

    Over the years, many transportation networks have been patched together in a very inefficient manner. With a Smart Transport System designed by Anviz, not only do the systems integrate with one another, but everything can be centralized.

    This means Anviz can integrate your toll booths, speed cameras and red light cameras. Anviz can also add new features such as traffic monitoring, vehicle counting/traffic time estimate, public transport monitoring (busses, trams, and subways) with tracking and surveillance monitoring. All these features can be integrated with our eMap service so when trouble strikes you know exactly where to send response units. The next step for many transport centers is to centralize all these features into one easy to manage Central Monitoring Center. Due to the convergence of technologies, Anviz can make this part simple, saving some larger departments millions of dollars a year.

A Few of the Possibilities:

  • Traffic Cam

    The Anviz traffic cam has powerful analytic software to determine traffic flow and the speed of vehicles. Traffic Cam can also be used to determine is a vehicle is; going the wrong way, parked illegally, or is stranded. The camera can determine whether a vehicle ran a red light, or made an illegal u-turn. It also reads and inputs the license plate into a database. When the license plate is spotted, the camera can automatically generate a citation if a driver commits a traffic violation, or an alert when an accident occurs or a stolen or wanted vehicle.

  • Payment Solution

    Regardless of whether you want to create an automated payment solution for toll roads or local transport, such as bus, subway, tram, or train, Anviz is here to provide you a complete system, being able to supply both hardware and software.

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