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    At Anviz, our Community Security Solution provides a level of safety and security you would expect from a global leader in the high tech security industry. We are dedicated to providing you with an end-to-end solution for your development and community.

    Anviz understands the unique security challenges large scale property developers face. Anviz offers a wide array of flexibility. These solutions can include the incorporation of customized, non-Anviz devices. Our comprehensive AIM software, gives you total flexibility and scalability.

A Few of the Possibilities:

  • License Plate Capture

    Our license plate capture cameras are designed specifically for reading, recognizing and recording license plates even in poor lighting conditions. These cameras can act as additional security protection for physically secured residential communities.

  • RFID/NFC Community Card

    With an Anviz community card system, residents can use their smart cards for community gate access, as well as a host of other community based areas. Past projects include community pool access points, automated bike rental/return, gym and club.

  • house access,and eWallet solutions to name a few. All of these features can also be delivered through biometrics, thus eliminating the need for a card altogether.

  • Smart Guard Tracking

    By implementing smart guard tracking, you can make sure your guard staff are rotating around the property and doing their job properly. It also secures the well being of you security staff, and your security defense. If a guard does not reach his intended target in time, then other staff can be alerted to the possibility of an intrusion.

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