Nothing is as precious as one’s family. This is why Anviz is always there, providing a full range of products and solutions to safeguard your home. Our home security solution creates an intelligent security barrier to protect what is most important to you.

    Access control devices and video surveillance devices are integrated in the home security solution package. While video surveillance is nothing new, the advent of IP video surveillance allows for integration with other security devices. Additionally, automated communication alerts you to potential dangers. The powerful Anviz AIM-Surveillance software can automatically alert you through email, text message or sounding an alarm for a number of situations.

A Few of the Possibilities:

  • Smart Lock

    Never again will you be locked out without your keys. By incorporating biometric security into your home or office, not only is it more secure than tradition locking systems, you also gain a level of convenience.

  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection

    Detects, and alerts you if anyone crosses a preset area. This alert can notify you if a burglar is trying to get in, or if your toddler is near the pool.

  • Smart Safe

    Biometric and/or pin pad metal security safes allow you to keep your valuables safe and secure in the event of a robbery, fire, or other tragic events.

  • Loitering Detection

    An alarm will be triggered if someone is staying beyond a specified time within an area near your home, car or other valuables.

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