OA1000 second generation standard firmware


Subject:                  OA1000 second generation standard firmware

Fireware version:    5.23.80(5000)

Update Description:Fix the bug of using SDK to develop OA1000 communication software that some records would be

                                     covered when excuted the command"CK­T_ClearClockingRecord(1,0) ".

Remark:                     1.The devices which are compatible with the standard firmware include,OA1000 second generation,

                                     OA1000 second generation with WIFI module.

                                     2. Machines of Inventory:

                                     2.1 Not upgrade when customers use our standard communications software.

                                     2.2 Upgrade when customers use SDK to develop communication software.

                                     3.New machines,new version's firmware.

                                     4.here is the download link of this as below