As a leading provider of intelligent security solutions, innovation is crucial to Anviz | Anviz Global-Powering a Smarter World
  • Innovation

    Innovation is crucial to Anviz, and therefor R&D is a key priority of our business. As new technologies emerge, we invest heavily to remain a leader and not a follower. Our key to success is our people. The Anviz R&D team consists of a mix of international developers, including support from many of our global

  • Investment

    A critical way that Anviz plans for the future and the increasingly competitive marketplace is through our commitment to R&D. Each year we invest at least 10% of our sales revenue in R&D activities. Anviz is committed to leading technology standardization and securing intellectual property rights.

  • Intellectual Property

    Anviz is the owner of over 50 international patents including our core algorithm, BioNano. BioNano is now a matured algorithm in version 10. Anviz will continue to push and build its intellectual property portfolio through its investment in R&D and the quest for innovation.