Latest Multi-media Biometric Identification Terminal OA1000!

Multimedia Fingerprint & RFID Terminal
Multimedia Terminal

OA1000 is the latest multi-media biometric identification terminal. The most advanced and comprehensive functions make it the best fingerprint model for high end use. You are warmly welcome to know the high performance of this model through below.
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Fast Verification
USA BioNano core algorithm makes fingerprint verification fast (1:5000 less than 1 sec).
Multiple Applications Modes
Multi-media biometric identification terminal can be used in many application modes such as meeting mode, consumption mode, attendance mode, access control mode etc.
Powerful WIFI
Self-researched and developed internal Wifi module works stable and fast within 50m distance.
Universal GPRS
Four band frequency GPRS (850/900/1800/1900MHz) performs perfect in all globe.
Useful Snapshot
Fashionable and powerful snapshot function avoids false attendance.
BioNano EDK
BioNano EDK for WinCE terminal is available for customer's self-development.

The OA1000 is the most latest and advanced multi-media biometric identification terminal which is specially designed for high end use. The USA BioNano core algorithm makes the 1:5000 verification less than 1 sec. It is applied with all the most popular communication modes in market such as TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB Host. The optional Wifi and GPRS wireless communication also makes it even used well in environment without good internet access. It supports multiple identification methods such as fingerprint, card, fingerprint + card, ID + fingerprint, ID + password, card + password. The 1.3 million pixel camera snap shot function is also fashionable and useful.

Detailed Features

● Samsung 3.5 inch industrial TFT LCD of high brightness
● Samsung 400MHz Arm9 high speed processor
● USA BioNano core algorithm platform (1:5000 less than 1 sec)
● Embedded WinCE 5.0 operating system
● Anviz new generation optical fingerprint sensor
● Waterproof, dustproof, scratchproof, unbreakable and durable
● Multiple identification method: fingerprint, card, fingerprint + card, ID + fingerprint, ID + password, card + password
● Customizable voice prompt and time attendance status. Display user picture, personal and public message
● User can select local language in the menu
● 1.3 million pixel camera, speaker, microphone, 1 USB and 1 RJ45 interface
● Support TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB Host, internal 2G TF card
● Dual 12V Relay Out
● Optional new WIFI module 30-50 effective communication distance
● Optional lower power LENO GPRS module
● Standard RFID card reader, optional Mifare or HID card reader
● Optional DAC844 access controller for separate type secure access control system
● Support real time record download, online monitor, remote access control, and server identification etc

For more product information about this model, please visit OA1000 product page or contact our sales and technical experts.