Sisbiocol we take pride of being the official distributors for Anviz in Colombia


We focus not only in the distribution of Anviz products, but we are also ambassadors of the Anviz brand for Colombia and Latin America, We take every customer with responsibility and a we try to give the best service possible so each customer really experience the pleasure of buying from a top company.Our mission is to provide tools that integrate biometric technology to provide greater safety and effectiveness to businesses and households in Colombia, Our customers range from stores, Homes, Hotels, Hospitals, Airports and all kinds of business that want to achieve a high level of security in their facilities.

Ever since we started working with Anviz, We found that there was more to the brand that just it’s name, Even if we had different options of working with different companies, we chose Anviz for Its people and great products, I say “ For its people “ because I believe a company is not just a name, But it is a composition of the great people that represent the brand, and I had never received such great service from another company, At the moment I spoke with Mrs. Cherry and Mr. Simon, They took care of me as If I was the most valuable customer they have ever had, they take the time to explain every single question you have and are very welcoming people. This is what makes the Anviz brand stand out from other companies where they only focus on the sale rather than working together to really secure a customer.

Since we started working with Anviz, our company has had an big growth, Customers are really interested in the products and they see that the technology and quality of the products that are being sold to them are really built to set the standard. Our company went from working with store level customers, to working on big projects with Hotels, Airports, Hospitals and big businesses that require a high level of security.

The Support I get from the Anviz team is endless, I can’t think of only one reason because the help is endless. Every time I have a question, the sales team is there to support me, even if the question is about a price for a product, Logistics, technical support or any other reason, they are always there for you.

My Advice for any other distributor, Is to really take time to know each and every single product or system so you can make a good demo, Also to try to take every customer as if he was your only customer,  In this business you really have to educate each and every customer,sometimes people are not really familiar with this technologies.