We filled up an important market gap that was left


Riversoft was founded in 2001 and it's specialized in software and hardware solutions for access control / time and attendance.

Riversoft creates software for time and attendance and together with Anviz provied our clients with well-proven solutions.

Riversoft found in Anviz the perfect partner. Anviz provied high technology hardware that together with our software make the perfect solution for access control / time and attendance.

In alliance with Anviz, Riversoft has achieved several goals in the past years, and we are sure we can achieve more in the future. We filled up an important market gap that was left, due to high price terminals from other brands making almost impossible for small and medium business to have a solution for time and attendance. With Anviz, we have made this possible and now we have different software that fits the market, from small, medium to big companies. 

Anviz has a varitey of terminals that fits on every market size. The terminals have very nice designs, as well as functionality and very good fingerprint identification/verification. Riversoft has come to different companies and remove equipment from other brands and install systems using Anviz successfully. 

For marketing Anviz products, we go to expositions and do advertisement in specialized magazines.