How to set time zone and group


If you need to set different staff with different time zone (access permission), you can follow the steps below.

1. Click icon of Time zone/Group settings, and the time zone/Group window will pop-up,

2. There are 32 time zones. Select a number, and input time zone of one week.

  i.e. If you need to set staff ID1 with access permission schedule like

Monday to Friday: 06:00—08:00 (access allow)             Time zone 1

                                08:01—11:59 (access denied)

                                12:00-13:00(access allow)                  Time zone 2

                                13:01-15:59(access denied)

                                16:00-18:00(access allow)                  Time zone 3

                                 18:01- 22:00(access denied)

Saturday:                 08:00 -16:00 (access allow)                 Time zone 4

then the time zone settings should be

After each time zone setting completed, i.e. time zone 1, click Set icon to set on device. If it works, there will be window prompt ‘Setting successfully’.

2. Set group to some certain staff. You can divide different staff to different groups which have different time zones.

i.e. Staff 1:     group 2 with time zone 1, 2, 3, 4

 Staff 2, 3   group 3 with time zone 1,2, 3

3. Arrange groups to different staff.. Staff management pageàdouble click on staff 1 àset Group Number to 2 in Add/Modify Staffer Info window -àclick Save

  The same step for staff 2 and 3. After setting completed, you can go to Employees management  window, and change the Group number.

Note: If you need to set other staff to the same group as staff 2, click ‘Copy privilege’ icon, so that other staff group will be the same as staff2.

3,After setting completed, choose the staffs and click Upload staff icon to upload the staff with group info. to device.


   1. G00 is normal close group.If you divide the user into group 00 ,his access permission wil be prohibitted all the day whenever you set any time zone for him.

   2. G01 is normal open group. If you divide the user into group 01 ,his access permission will be active all the day whenever you set any time zone for him.

   3. G02 to G16 is the group as you setup. Their access permissions will be active in their corresponding time zone. You can set different time zones for different groups .