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Time and attendance & access control solution

CrossChex is personnel identity verification, access control and time attendance management system. Management personnel information by biometric technology and meet customer time attendance and access control requirements. Achieve biometrics commercial application. Help Information security and Help enterprises to improve management efficiency and information security.

Why CrossChex?



CrossChex series software faces to different types of customers to provide different version of the software. The CrossChex series software includes time and attendance and access control functions and support all Anviz Biometric terminals (fingerprint, face and iris)


CrossChex meets the global market demand. Anviz provides CrossChex software customized services including report output and customized function modules.


The CrossChex Series software supports the TCP / IP network communication and the flexible deployment for cloud based system. B/S architecture professional version and simple and easy to use desktop version.


Unlock the doors and clock in with your phone. With CrossChex Mobile App, you can grant and revoke access to anyone, anytime without having to worry about cards, FOBs, or remembering PIN numbers.

Software Versions




Time and Attendance & Access Control Solution

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