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Minimize shrinkage and maximize business, smartly

Minimize shrinkage and maximize business, smartly

—— Retail Security Solution ——

  • Reduce theft and overhead costs

    Detect and respond to threats as they occur with real-time alerts and 24/7 professional monitoring.

  • Simplify security management

    Centralize physical security devices and empower users with an intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

  • Connect stores and align management

    Robust Architecture for Integration and Interoperability.

  • Optimize operations with data insights

    Manage Access Levels for Employees, Contractors, and Visitors.

Run a Smarter and Safer Store

  • Track Customer Foot Traffic
    Track Customer Foot Traffic

    Gain actionable insights to improve staffing efficiency, optimize product placement, and measure queue wait times to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Checkout Counter
    Checkout Counter

    Customer disputes and cashier fraud frequently occur at the checkout counter. HD video and audio can identify problems and provide evidence of wrongdoing.

  • Reduce Shrinkage
    Reduce Shrinkage

    Merchandise theft costs retailers nearly $300 per incident. Deter shoplifters with visible security cameras as our analytics work to identify suspicious patterns or behaviors.

  • Secure, convenient access for employees and customers

    Set cameras to corridor mode to monitor store aisles. When paired with a fisheye camera, shelf areas are fully covered and advanced analysis can provide a visitor flow distribution heat map. Increased surveillance coverage greatly reduces theft of customer property and retail goods, providing a safe shopping environment.

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  • Strict access control for highly secured areas
  • Monitor store operating hours
  • Monitor store operating hours and improve security

    Up to 360-degree, wide-area HD video coverage and Heat-map analysis to identify most-visited areas and optimize shelving – all using just one camera to meet your security and operational needs with minimal installation costs and labor.
    When you combine Anviz surveillance hardware and analytics, you can tackle theft and fraud – everywhere on your premises.

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  • Store optimization and secure storerooms

    Cameras with Anviz Starlight technology provide detailed 24-hour video surveillance under all light conditions, day or night, reducing risk of theft. Secure your merchandise by granting specific room access to your staff and suppliers, and quickly review logs of when people entered and left.

  • Store optimization and secure storerooms

Store Types

Whether you run a single shop or a whole chain of malls, network video and audio make a noticeable improvement in your bottom line. We offer solutions to improve your business, daily operations, security and customer experience within:

  • Department stores and shopping malls
    Department stores and shopping malls
  • Discount and big box stores
    Discount and big box stores
  • Pharmacy and drugstores
    Pharmacy and drugstores
  • Convenience stores and gas stations
    Convenience stores and gas stations
  • Fashion and specialty stores
    Fashion and specialty stores
  • Food grocery stores
    Food & grocery stores