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Full lifecycle Security solutions Made for manufacturing facilities

Full lifecycle Security solutions Made for manufacturing facilities

—— Manufacturing safety solutions ——

  • Improve Operations

    Improve Security Operations Through Consolidation.

  • Monitor Facilities and Equipment

    Enhance Safety, Reduce Incidents, and Strengthen Security.

  • Integrate Building Systems

    Robust Architecture for Integration and Interoperability.

  • Prevent Unwanted Access

    Manage Access Levels for Employees, Contractors, and Visitors.

Secure every entrances for efficient passing

  • Perimeter Protection
    Perimeter Protection

    Anviz perimeter protection solution is designed to provide a high-efficiency visual system powered by AI Biometrics. High-definition and AI-enabled security cameras can offer precise and predictive intrusion alert, and record detailed visual information at the right time.

  • Vehicle Management
    Vehicle Management

    Anviz Vehicle Entrance & Exit Solution adopts advanced ANPR technology and integrates intercom into a well coordinated vehicle management system, enabling a safe and efficient vehicle entrance and exit.

  • Visitor Access Management
    Visitor & Access Management

    Anviz's Visitor Management Solution provides a vastly improved experience for users and guests while protecting personnel and property. This application integrates to build a comfortable and safe working place in a multitude of settings. Read on to learn how this Hikvision technology can work for you.

  • Get the Big Picture of Potential Threats

    To enhance the general security of logistics parks with a focus on personnel, goods and vehicles, Anviz offers corresponding functions powered by video, thermographic, and AI technologies. Cameras with Anviz Starlight technology provide detailed 24-hour video surveillance under all light conditions, day or night, reducing risk of theft.

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  • Get the Big Picture of Potential Threats

One platform for industrial security Easily monitor, detect and respond to incidents across manufacturing sites

  • A Brid’s-Eye View of Your Facility Status
  • A Brid’s-Eye View of Your Facility Status

    You can inspect your building from one interface.Our Enterprise Buildings Integrator provides facility automation, helping to identify anomalies in operations, comfort and security.

  • Oversee Employee Productivity

    From the Anviz Time Attendance Solution, oversee entire factory production lines and workspaces to ensure employees are completing their daily tasks in a timely manner. Grant or remove employee access to confidential business and property information at any time.

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  • Oversee Employee Productivity

Not just hospitals, solutions specialized for your field

  • Manufacturing facilities
    Manufacturing facilities
  • Food processing plants
    Food processing plants
  • Distribution and warehouse
    Distribution and warehouse
  • Industrial equipment and services
    Industrial equipment and services
  • Consumer hardware brands
    Consumer hardware brands
  • Logistics and supply chain
    Logistics and supply chain