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Anviz Face Recognition Helps Staff Management at Thailand’s Biggest Airport


In an increasingly cosmopolitan world, time and security have become essential tiebreakers in determining passenger satisfaction at airports. Great airport management speeds up the processes and improves the quality of service.

the customer
suvarnabhumi airport security system
suvarnabhumi logoSuvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) which is the main travel hub of Thailand that is mostly used for long-haul and full-service flights to Bangkok. If you're looking for a flight to Thailand from Europe, the USA, or any other distant destination, in most cases your only reasonable choice will be Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Innova Software, Anviz valued partner, cooperated with a security guard service company with over 5,000 employees, which is providing security services to 6 airports in Thailand including Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok.
the challenge

The security team of Suvarnabhumi Airport needs a reliable touchless access control and time attendance solution to improve airport staff experience, safeguard employees' health, and improve airport security. Otherwise, they hope to save time on workforce management and access control permission.

In addition, Suvarnabhumi Airport needed the FaceDeep 5 could be integrated with existing security system provided by Innova Software, which would require Anviz cloud API.


cloud-based face recognition attendance system
face recognition attendance application scenes

Now over 100 FaceDeep 5 devices are installed in Suvarnabhumi International and other 5 international airports in Thailand. Over 30,000 staff are using FaceDeep 5 to clock in and out in 1 second after the staff's face is aligned with the camera of the FaceDeep 5 terminal, even wearing a mask.

"FaceDeep 5 can connect directly to the cloud, which solves the troublesome communication problems of customer's existing system. It is more convenient and easier to maintain and manage based on its friendly Cloud interface," the manager of Innova said.

Anviz cloud API makes Innova Software easily connect to its current cloud-based system. With the comfortable and user-friendly Ul, customers are very satisfied with this comprehensive solution.

Further, each device will contain enrolment data of the authorized staff for those specific locations. The enrolment data of all devices could be added, update or delete remotely by administrators.

face attendance
key benefits

High-security Level

The AI-based face recognition terminal FaceDeep 5 provides high accuracy and faster performance in identifying fake faces. The comprehensive systems centrally control all user information and data logs, eliminating the concern of user and data information compromise.


Smarter Solution, Safer Workplace

By reducing the number of times people have to touch objects, FaceDeep 5 creates a safer and simpler working environment for airport access control. Administrators can now manage access control permission through this management system, instead of worrying about issuing and receiving cards.

Easy to Use 

The intuitive interface on the 5" IPS touchscreen provides administrators with the easiest way to use it. The function of bulk user registration and capacity of 50,000 users and 100,000 logs is suitable for teams of any size.