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Face is the best credential to verify the difference between individuals. Face recognition devices authenticate people based on their facial information, which is consistent with consistent resolution habits, friendly and non-intrusive, and does not repel people. The Anviz face recognition technology provides users with a convenient, efficient, and intuitive access experience with unlimited scalability possibilities.


Enhanced Security, Simplified Access

Find out exactly how the Face Series can solve your live problems.

  • Even with access control, can get through seamlessly

    Up to 50 fast passes per minute.

  • Perfect to prevent all fake faces from spoofing

    Live face detection is based on smart IR technology and visible light.

  • Accurately recognizes faces regardless of changes

    Anviz Facial Biometric Technology offers accurate and reliable recognition, even if someone is wearing a mask, sunglasses, and a baseball cap.

Manage at scale and get insights at a glance

Each of our Face Recognition products is intuitive and powerful in its own right and connected together on the CrossChex platform, they provide best-in-class capabilities to manage people and places.