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Facial Recognition Solution

Facial Recognition Solution

The Ultimate Facial Recognition Access Control
and Time Attendance


Solution Overview

Today’s dynamic business environment requires real-time time management and access control solution with anytime, anywhere access. Anviz’s FaceDeep Series, a fully integrated contactless and thermal management face recognition solution for the people to access control of entrances or record attendance time and simultaneously check temperature and mask-wearing without having to touch a terminal or gate, requirements which are quickly finding their way into commercial offices, hospitality and retail chains, hopeful crowded sports arenas, medical facilities, and more.

Solution Features

Contactless technology

Contactless Technology

2020 was the year of everything contactless, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, using face identification as access control and time attendance credential eliminates the need for physical cards or PIN codes.

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Live Face Detection

Anviz’s Dual Camera technology enables IR and visual face recognition with a unique deep learning algorithm to achieve high accuracy and identify fake faces by photos or images.

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Securer liveness face detection
Accurate temperature detection

Accurate Temperature Detection

Body temperature screening with thermographic technology is more accurate and faster to catch up than others with thermopile technology.

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Widely Adaptable to Various Conditions

With the verification of over one million faces around the world, FaceDeep has become one of the most accurate face recognition terminals suitable for various environments and conditions. Anviz's BioNANO face algorithm accurately recognizes faces from different countries and recognizes faces in masks, glasses, long hair, and beards, etc., with a recognition rate of over 99%.

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Face Recognition in Any Environment

FaceDeep Series has high-definition low-light cameras and smart LED light which can fastly recognize the face in strong light and low-light environments, even in complete darkness. It can adapt to outdoor and indoor environment applications with an IP65 outdoor design.

Adapt to multiple environments

Powerful Application Solutions

Anviz FaceDeep solutions provide a variety of flexible system deployment and management solutions for different types of customers.

  • Standalone Management

    Standalone management by built-in full functional web-server

  • Desktop version software

    Desktop version software for multiple units in a single site

  • Cloud Web-based platform

    Cloud & web-based platform for multiple sites’ simple & remote management

  • records inquiry

    Easily clock in and access from the app on your phone

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