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Technology in Post Pandemic Age - The Challenge of Mask Facial Recognition

Post pandemic age of 2021- Change in the living habits and ensuring safety lead to demand of new technologies. Along with administering vaccines, facial mask has become another important way to keep one safe. In public areas like airports, hospitals, schools, offices, people are complying with mask rules.

the challenge of mask facial recognition

Security industries had to think of a way to ensure safety of individuals and to also keep up their business during the pandemic. And the solution was Face Recognition devices with mask and temperature detection features.

Demand for face recognition devices has increased to 124% in the past year. Anviz as global provider in the security industry introduced FaceDeep Series to meet the global demands. FaceDeep Series are the new AI-based face recognition terminal equipped with a dual-core Linux based CPU and the latest BioNANO® deep learning algorithm.

According to Mr. Jin, the R&D director of Anviz, in FaceDeep Series the facial mask recognition rate increased to 98.57% from 74.65%. Next Step for Anviz is adapt facial recognition to iris algorithm and try to raise the accuracy rate to 99.99%.

Since 2001, Anviz continuously updates its independent BioNANO algorithm, improves the fingerprint, facial, iris recognition technologies. In this global pandemic environment, We are doing our best to provide customers with a more integrated, convenient and efficient smart solution.

David Huang

Experts in the field of intelligent security

Over 20 years in the security industry with experience in product marketing and business development.He currently serves as the Director of Global Strategic Partner team in Anviz, and also oversees activity in all the Anviz Experience Centers in North America specifically.You can follow him or LinkedIn.