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Anviz Contactless Access Control and Mobile Time Attendance Solution

Crosschex Mobile is the mobile version of Crosschex Software, which lets you add and manage everyone and grant access rights to them on a smart phone. Your staffs can easily clock in and access to any places with just one click on the phone. Any of Anviz access control devices with Bluetooth function can be added to Crosschex Mobile, and the time attendance device with Bluetooth function can be also added to crosschex mobile to have a clock in function and realize the access control function with linked to a Bluetooth micro access controller. Anviz Mobile Access Solution is suitable for the application in small offices, retail stores, gyms, clinics, etc.

  • mobile lock

    Your phone is your key

    Now, your smartphone is your everyday gadget. Crosschex Mobile makes your phone your key, a simple click to clock in or unlock your door.

  • smart mobile

    Easy to manage

    With Crosschex Mobile, you can just enroll and manage your staff with several simple clicks, and also can setup the terminal within several 
    minutes on your phone.

  • CrossChex mobile

    More secure than ever 

    With Anviz Control Protocol (ACP). Any data exchange between the terminal and the smartphone is heavily encrypted and eliminating the possibility of data hacking.

  • ACP

    For small businesses and places, with Crosschex mobile, you can save the cost of investing in servers, software, and management staff. And the wireless solution makes you not worry about the complex cabling deployment and high cost.

How CrossChex Mobile simplifies your daily work

Anviz Mobile Access Solutions

More flexible and convenient than ever

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For Admin

  • Add and remove users/fingers/cards using your phone.
  • Grant or revoke anyone's access with one click.
  • Compared with physical cards, it saves the cost of card issuance and maintenance.
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For User

  • Use your phone to unlock the door.
  • Employees can check in and out by phone.
  • Never lose, misplace, or share cards again.
  • View attendance records via mobile phone.

CrossChex How the mobile version works

Contactless Access Control

Contactless Time Attendance

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