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Durr embraces digitalization for greater security management efficiency



Dürr, founded in 1896, is a leading mechanical and plant engineering firm in the world. As one of the Dürr Group’s biggest sites, the Dürr China site covers a production area of 33,000 m². The modern office complex of Dürr China covers a total building area of 20,000 m² and around 2500 employees work together in there.


After the epidemic many offline visit activities resumed. Dürr needs a more flexible and time-saving solution that could manage diverse workforce with different access levels and permissions, including employees, contractors, and especially visitors. In addition, tracking and recording personnel's entry and exit has become a challenge for so many employees in such large enterprise campus. Therefore, Dürr is searching for a efficient way to manage visitors with lower cost.


Strengthen Security while Simplifying Visitor Management With a maximum volume of 50,000 people, FaceDeep5 can easily meet Dürr’s requirements. Based on AI deep learning biometrics algorithms, FaceDeep5 provides precise face recognition and verification for factory workers. The visitor management of the data-rich management platform has greatly enhanced the efficiency of security guard. Visitors now only need to upload their photos to the cloud system before their visit, while the administrator sets the access validity period.



Convenient and time-saving access experience

Upgraded visitor system ensures a smooth and efficient entry experience. Visitors need no more waiting time to contact administrator at the factory entrance.

Reduced cost of security team

After the installation of this system, each entrance only needs two people to work in 12-hour shifts, and one person in central office supervising the emergency and handles emergencies with the guards of the factory at any time. In this way, the security guard team downsized from 45 to 10. The company assigned those 35 people to the production line after training, and solved the labor shortage in the factory. This system, which saves nearly 3 million RMB per year, requires an overall investment of less than 1 million yuan, and the cost recovery period is less than one year.


“I think working with Anviz again is a good idea. The installation process was extremely convenient as it was fully supported by the service staff, ”said the IT Manager of Dürr's factory, who has worked there for over 10 years.

“The function is upgraded. Now visitors can simply upload their own photos into the system and easily enter and exit within a certain time frame. ," Alex added. Convenient and time-saving access experience