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FaceDeep 5 and CrossChex: Build a Security Solution for Your Business


Dürr deploys Anviz intelligent integrated solution for safer and smarter management

When you talk about digitalization, there is one topic that keeps coming up: Smart Office. Intelligent IoT solutions that make our everyday lives safer, more comfortable and more efficient. Systems to centrally manage employees' access with no keys and physical cards - face recognition, manage employee time tracking and secure office printing with the embedded face recognition reader, are now seen as state-of-the-art.

the customer
case study

Dürr, founded in 1896, is a leading mechanical and plant engineering firm in the world. As one of the Dürr Group’s biggest sites, the Dürr China site covers a production area of 33,000 m². The modern office complex of Dürr China covers a total building area of 20,000 m². and around 2500 employees work together in there.

the challenge

In such a huge site with so many people, safety is paramount concern. Dürr wanted to have a simple, easy-to-use, one-stop solution for security management. The upgraded system should be robust enough to keep up with the quick pace of factory operations and to minimize the risk of COVID-19 cross-infection. At the same time, the system should benefit workers and employees and be fit for the high-quality smart office. Dürr hoped it can promote employee dining experience through improving canteen management, and supporting employee data privacy. In other words, Dürr put forward two requirements for the new solution which can support smart offices and can protect employees’ health.

the solution

The use of unique biometric characteristics delivers the most reliable and accurate identity authentication and verification of a person. Biometric systems deliver the only irrefutable proof of presence with true identity, making it easy to protect data privacy and which is an essential part of the smart office. Touchless access controls came to the fore during the COVID-19 pandemic, as people sought to minimize interpersonal and surface contact.

Driven by years of innovation, Anviz offers a broad range of biometric technology terminals that benefit business access control & time and attendance management. The FaceDeep 5 adopted the latest deep learning algorithm that could help with secured and seamless access control by enabling touchless access around the building and reporting for no-mask wearing, it's equipped with Linux-based dual-core CPU and it could support up to 50,000 dynamic face databases and rapidly recognize users within 2 meters (6.5ft) in less than 0.3 seconds.

All Anviz FaceDeep series terminals can work with CrossChex Standard, which is a personnel identity verification, access control, and time attendance management system.

What CrossChex and FaceDeep 5 help

What CrossChex and FaceDeep 5 help

  • To support staff members clock in and out at the turnstile of the industry gate, the FaceDeep 5 works well in various challenging outdoor environments, like under strong light or in the rain. It is possible to identify for full face and half face and it is impossible to trick it by presenting a photograph.
  • In order to optimize dining rules, employees should not clock in many times, which means the same person should not be recorded multiple times, which is conducive to doing a headcount. Anviz customized the function module for Dürr, and make it simple for the canteen administrator.
  • To maintain data privacy, the same function is duplicated on their printers, the printers also could be switched on by faces, and printers will automatically connect to their computer accounts. This also helps energy-saving and protect data privacy.
  • According to Dürr’s request, some doors could be controlled separately on CrossChex as well as setting different permissions on different floors.
Face Recognition
key benefits

Security and convenience for employees

Anviz touchless solutions support health guidelines for disease control, as they minimize surface contact opportunities and human-to-human interaction. As the deep learning algorithm within FaceDeep 5 could detect users wearing masks or not, there is no need for staff members to take off masks.

Commenting on the new system, Henry, the IT Manager working in Dürr for 10 years presented, "During mealtime, we could get food more quickly since we just swipe faces and go on instead of taping cards." Moreover, there is no need to check out face-to-face, because the system can record and calculate spending automatically. "Meanwhile, we would not worry their documents are printed by others by mistake for our faces are keys to open the printers," Henry added.

Enhanced operational efficiencies and reduction in operation Costs for managers

The CrossChex interface was so intuitive that only a short training was required for Dürr managers to manage it on their own. The integrated system solution enables administration to be centralized into one efficient and cost-effective system. CrossChex is flexible enough to support multiple applications for managing not only physical access (e.g. buildings) but also logical access (time and attendance, etc.).

"We evaluated different biometric-centric authentication solutions and selected the CrossChex because it offers a complete solution, including both adaptable software and smart face recognition hardware," said Wilfried Diebel, Head of the Dürr IT team. "Face recognition in the Dürr can be used in several places, including entrances to the building, turnstiles, canteens and to securely printed documents by authenticating at enabled printers with their faces."

"We are delighted to be working with Dürr on one of the largest office building projects in Eastern Asia," said Felix, the director of Anviz Access Control and Time Attendance business unit, "Our ongoing program of developing our application will ensure working at Dürr remains a positive and secure experience for those who work there into the future."