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Anviz FaceDeep 5 Applied in the World's Leading Aviation Service Company


Face recognition technology has been widely used in government, finance, military, education, medical, aviation, security, and other fields. When the face is aligned with the camera of the terminal device, the user's identity can be recognized quickly. As the technology further matures and social recognition increases, face recognition technology will be applied in more fields.

face recognition attendance system

airport face recognition access control
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Joramco is a world-leading aircraft maintenance company with over 50 years of experience servicing Boeing and Embraer fleets. It is specialized in performing maintenance to air crafts at Queen Alia International Airport.

Joramco has spacious areas for aircraft parking and storage programs that can take up to 35 aircraft. Additionally, Joramco has an academy that offers a comprehensive education in aviation, aerospace, and engineering.

the challenge

The old access control devices that Jormaco used were not enough rapid and smart. The insufficient personnel storage also affected the efficiency of personnel management.

Thus, Joramco wanted to replace the old system with a fast and precise face recognition system, which could centrally manage 1200 employees' access and attendance. In addition, the devices could be installed on turnstiles to control the turnstile gates.

the solution

Based on Joramco's demands, Anviz valued partner, Ideal Office Equipment Co delivered Jormaco Anviz's powerful AI and cloud-based face recognition solution, FaceDeep 5 and CrossChex. It can be used as a turnstile integrated management system composed of computers, face recognition technology, intelligent pedestrian turnstile gate, smart card and time clocking.

FaceDeep 5 supports up to 50,000 dynamic face database and rapidly recognize users within 2M(6.5 ft) in less than 0.3 seconds. FaceDeep 5's Dual Camera technology plus deep learning algorithm enables liveness detection, identifying fake faces on videos or images. It also could detect masks.

CrossChex Standard is a access control and time attendance management system. It provides interactive dashboards specifically for workforce management, and real-time summary for shift management and leave management. 

face recognition application on airport turnstile gates

key benefits

Faster Recognition, More Timesaving

FaceDeep 5's ingenious face detection and facial recognition algorithm allow for liveness detection with the best combination of speed and accuracy. It reduces the waiting time for 1,200 employees during peak hours at Joramco's main entrance gates and the academy building entrance.

Strengthened Physical Security and Employee Safety

It also helps maintain employees' healthy and companies' physical access control security as the touchless face recognition system lower infection risk and prevents unauthorized access.

Widely Adaptable to Various Conditions

"We chose Anviz FaceDeep 5 because it is the fastest face recognition device and has IP65 protection", said Jormaco's manager.

FaceDeep 5 has high-definition cameras and smart LED light which can fastly recognize the face in strong light and low-light environments, even in complete darkness. It can adapt to outdoor and indoor environment applications with an IP65 protection standard.

Fulfillment of Management Requirement

Joramco is using CrossChex Standard connecting between the devices and database to manage employee schedules and time clocks. It easily tracks and export employee attendance report in seconds. And it is easy to set up devices and add, delete, or modify employees' information.