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Anviz Introduces Secu365, Addresses the Security Concerns of SMEs in the US


Anviz, a leading provider of intelligent security solutions, has developed Secu365 after extensive research on the US market to address security risks across diverse industries. This one-stop cloud-based security management platform is equipped with an array of tools that empower companies to build a future-proof yet streamlined security system. With Secu365, businesses can capture, store, and manage mission-critical footage, as well as deploy applications such as access control, staff management, and security dashboards. Powerful and versatile, Secu365 offers SMEs in retail, education, healthcare, business offices, light-industrial, and food & beverage sectors a customized, future-ready security surveillance solution that helps them achieve cost reductions while strengthening their safety measures.

"In building a total security system that can offer all-around protection to our users, we believe its design should go beyond safeguarding people and properties, but considering the time and space where the solution is deployed to help companies maximize their productivity and operational efficiency. Leveraging our technological prowess in security hardware and software, as well as our insights into the customer demand in the US, we have created an all-in-one Cloud-based security solution that incorporates an alarm system to offer timely warnings, data encryption to strengthen cybersecurity, and a unified system that manages staff attendance and visitor access," said Felix, Product Manager of Secu365.

"Simplicity and affordability are also our priorities. By making the system free, Secu365 significantly lowers the initial investments for building a comprehensive security system. The SaaS platform features instructive UI and dashboard design, making it easy to use and quick to deploy. In addition, the edge AI, coupled with a powerful neural processing unit (NPU) and Anviz's proprietary deep-learning algorithms, businesses can benefit from its features such as intelligent algorithms for cameras that deliver industry-leading perimeter monitoring performance," he added.





The Challenges SMEs Face With


The unrelenting year-on-year growth of physical risks experienced by businesses continues to pose challenges to the operation of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), leading to added financial loss and jeopardizing their commercial sustainability. According to the "The State of Physical Security Entering 2023" report by Pro-Vigil, almost a third of business owners have witnessed an increase in physical security incidents in 2022, prompting half of the surveyed companies to turn to surveillance systems in a bid to reinforce their safety measures.

Despite the heightened awareness of upgrading hardware and software to improve their security measures, the complexity of modern security devices, compounded by the constantly evolving threat landscape, means that companies often lack the necessary expertise and resources to implement robust solutions. Over 70% of the businesses featured in the report have already put in place video surveillance yet are unable to prevent asset damages, indicating the difficulties and gaps in technical knowledge that blunt their effort to safeguard their properties.

Organized retail crime causes significant inventory loss to retail companies, with the US retail giant Target saying the criminal activity will fuel $500 million more in stolen and lost merchandise this year compared with a year ago. Other potential risks such as "zero-dollar" purchases and shoplifting also add to their financial loss which can be mitigated by security cameras powered by AI behavioral analytics that can analyze and spot suspicious events faster and more accurately than human staff. The technology is also promising in ensuring safety on school campuses and at hospitals for its ability to identify possible risks and send real-time warnings to emergency responders to avert threats.

A holistic security surveillance solution is also essential for SMEs seeking to establish a flexible and robust staff management system. For this reason, the global demand for employee monitoring systems saw an unprecedented growth rate at the beginning of 2022, up 65% from 2019, according to internet security and digital rights firm Top10VPN. For office space, it can track employees' attendance, authorize personnel to access sensitive areas and fend off information breaches. In factory settings, the solution is useful in monitoring and managing the usage of tools and facilities, ensuring that employees adhere to safety protocols, and preventing unauthorized access or misuse.


Greater Utility with Lower Transition Costs


Unlike traditional video surveillance systems with high hardware threshold that brings up the budget, Secu365 is a cloud-based platform that minimizes hardware installment and maintenance costs while offering a wide range of functions available for users to choose from in building a system that best suits their business operations.

The devices for attendance tracking and cameras come with multiple connectivity options to simplify the installation process. In addition, the cloud architecture of Secu365 means that footage is offloaded to cloud servers which both Web and App users can remotely access and manage anytime, anywhere. The design also allows for lower marginal costs compared with traditional video surveillance systems that require users to set up local servers at many locations.


Easy to Purchase and Install


Anviz has optimized its product to reduce friction for customers at the beginning of the purchasing journey. Secu365 can be easily purchased online, with expert teams from Anviz available to offer prompt assistance. Users can quickly register a cloud account and start using the platform without the complexities associated with traditional installations. Secu365 offers a user-friendly interface for both administrators and employees, with features tailored to their roles in security management. Meanwhile, the platform streamlines system maintenance by providing automated updates and remote management capabilities.

Looking ahead, Anviz remains committed to creating more power products based on customer needs. By continuously updating its technological solutions, Anviz aims to meet the evolving needs of SMEs and provide them with state-of-the-art security and management tools.


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