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Cloud Based
Smart Security Platform


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One unified security platform

A seamless integration of access control, video, sensors and intercom in one intuitive interface.


Your body is your ID

With the latest Biometric technologies, your body will be your ID for the most convenience way for access control.


Web and App flexible management

Secu365 uses flexible deployment, you can use both the local web browser and remote mobile APP to manage the system.


Your office on your phone

Residents can manage their entire smart home with Secu365 app. They can use this unified platform to check in anytime, and easily control everything from anywhere.

How Secu365 Protects You

Secu365 will provide full range of protection for a medium site, from the main entrance, reception area, IT and financial room, and the Perimeter area. You can majorly use a control center to realize one stop monitoring of your site and control everything from the cloud app as well.


Manage on Web

Secu365 will be shown on Web, and all the smart terminals in the main entrance, public areas, entrance of the buildings will be managed and displayed on the web.


One App Total Security Solutions

Secu365 APP is tool for managing your security spots, keep the Video Monitoring,security events, access status always in hand.

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Remote Access Control

You can realize remote access authorization, and remote door opening.

Video Management

You can get all key spots under monitoring and get all visible events.

Remote Intercom

You can realize one click remote call function for any visitors and delivery service people.

Event Alert and Push

Any Event and alerts will be pushed to your mobile phone and you will not miss any threatening issue.

Centralized Management

You can realize the centrailzed control for all security issues from multiple sites.

Complete Package

For Secu365, we suggest you can order a complete package to manage all your key security spots, and our professional consultant will give you a quick call and onsite service for your requirements.


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